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Rock Springs Worship

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Make Heaven Bigger by Caring better

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Who is
Rock Springs Worship?

Rock Springs Worship is the worship ministry of Rock Springs Church, a multisite church based in Milner, GA, led by Pastor Benny Tate. The heart of this ministry is to write and create Holy Spirit-inspired music that ministers to worshipers and ushers them into the presence of God. Rock Springs Worship desires to go beyond the walls of our own church community to help other churches and music ministries by providing resources that allow worship teams to offer the best experience possible within their own ministries and worship services! 
The vision of Rock Springs Church is to make Heaven bigger by caring better, and our worship team hopes to care for others by writing songs and creating music that ministers to and stirs the heart of every worshiper to draw closer to Jesus Christ!



Hymns Vol. 1


Got Me Through (feat. Noah Cleveland)

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Sundays at Rock Springs
Vol. 2


Light from Heaven


All Things (feat. Heath Balltzglier)


Sundays at Rock Springs
Vol. 1


It All Belongs to You (feat. Amber Balltzglier)


The Fountain (feat. Amber Balltzglier & Jeromy Marsh)

The Fountain
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